VOLPC, LLC has been family owned and operated since early 2010. We operate with the goal of providing affordable website services to anyone that needs it, small business, large business, or even home users. Our staff offers friendly, fast, and knowledgeable solutions to modern day computing projects. We won’t throw technical lingo at you, we will explain websites in a simple and concise manner.

VOLPC, LLC is located in Brookfield, CT. Our website services are available nationwide.

VOLPC, LLC is owned and operated by Greg Volpe of Brookfield Connecticut. He has been building and fixing computers for about 9 years. He studied computer science with a concentration in Java for four years at Western Connecticut State University and has experience developing software for desktop and mobile systems.


We do a lot of new website creation. Over 85% of consumers search for products and businesses BEFORE they leave their house! Having a strong internet presence is a must for any small business out there.

We also maintain quite a few websites. Keeping your website up to date helps harden your site against malware and hackers. It also provides plenty of new features that you can use on the site to keep your website fresh!

More money doesn’t always mean a better result. In the web design game, big firms like to charge lots of money for fairly simple websites. I’ve heard horror stories of people charging over $40,000 for a WordPress based website. In the end, the website didn’t function well because of the “customization” performed by the web developer. You should work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and is responsive to your needs.
VOLPC, LLC is all about customer service. We work with our customers on projects and explain details of website in a manner that is easy to understand. We don’t just throw technical lingo at you, we take the time to explain options and benefits thoroughly.
Personally, I started building computers over ten years ago for fun, but I’ve always loved tinkering with technology. I ended up going to Western Connecticut State University for computer science and diving deeper into the technical side of the internet and software. Soon after that VOLPC, LLC was born!